Stuffing cash in the mattress

Have you ever tried it? It is not as easy as it sounds. You need a knife to cut the side of the mattress. Then you need to stuff cash in it and make sure that the springs of the mattress don’t rip the cash bags.

That is why even though it is very tempting to think that everybody is not doing anything and just pulling out the money out of the market and stuffing in their mattress, it is more of a cliché than ever.

Sure sales of home safes have gone up but people are not keeping their life savings in them. Just some emergency cash. Couple of thousand dollars maximum. Just to calm down their own hearts when they hear a bank shutting down somewhere in the middle of Arizona.

Money has to go somewhere and earn something for its owners. There are buyers even on the worst day on the market. If there were no buyers – there would be no trade, no price.

Nora has been fighting and losing her battle with a pretty nasty cold for the last week. I finally convinced her after six days to go and see a doctor. She called couple of places and one doctor finally figured a way out to fit her in his schedule. Their talk during the appointment turned to, “So what do you do Nora?” She told him. And his interest in knowing more about what we do was intense. Two of his comments that are worth paying some attention to:

“ I have to put my money somewhere, even now, to make some money.”

“ I have learned one thing from the last 90 days – nothing is guaranteed in the stock market no matter what your financial planner is telling you.”

The not getting of money to do whatever is not a business problem. It is a marketing problem. The stock market has taken care of convincing couple of million people already what this doctor said today. That was the hard part by the way. What you have to do is much easier right now.