Running very fast on a wrong road

Buying a bi-level house to flip when there are hundreds of 3 and 4 bedroom colonials and ranches available and then stressing when nobody wants to buy is energy wasted.

Talking to every loan officer that is related to your wife and your brothers best friend and not trying very hard to find the top performing loan officer in your area first who probably is seeing and talking to more first time home buyers in a week than the first two talk in six months is energy wasted. A friend of mine who finally after months of my tugging did that found out yesterday that the top FHA guy in his county closed 24 first time purchases in September.

Buying a $40 software to spam Craig’s List over and over again with their listings (what some real estate agents love to do) instead of getting a website made that converts visitors to phone calls is energy wasted.

Talking to Uncle Jerry who has no money to invest in your business instead of building a Hit List of local folks in your city who actually have funds to partner up with you and then making sure that you drip, drip your company in front of their eyes is energy wasted.

Running ads on Google and dropping them on a shockingly terrible landing page is energy wasted.

Starting a business, without having any money left for marketing, which typically means imminent failure, is energy wasted.