Only in America (you could be whoever you choose to be)


Stephanie Wollman, 24, Sioux Falls, S.D., used to work in customer retention at one of the big call centers; you got transferred to her when you tried to cancel your account. Today she and her husband, Clifford, together with their extended family, manage an entrepreneurial miniconglomerate with interests in concrete statuary ("We take 6 cents of material and turn it into a $100 product"), seamless gutters, heavy-equipment rental, three restaurants, 66 acres of farmland, and 140 rental units. She's also raising two kids. Wollman just smiles when I ask her whether she's worried about a recession or if she thinks much about the stock market, currency fluctuations, and the trade deficit with China. It's not that she's unaware; she just has no reason to care.

Source: Fortune Magazine