Mission Accomplished

Dennis mentioned in his comment yesterday about the power of simple things delighting people you do business with.

We have been treating our local post office folks for a monthly lunch for almost four years now.

The easy thing would be to take them pizza. There are two small pizza shops right next to the post office. But where is the love in that? Where is the excitement in that when you know that you are going to get pizza, month after month? It is almost as bad as giving somebody a gift card for their birthday. So we change menus on them all the time for lunch. Every month a different place to buy lunch for them.

Nothing is expected from them. The lunch does not comes with a list of our demands of better service, of making sure that our first class postcards don’t end up in junk mail postcards, our mail gets on the truck and our oversized envelopes that don’t fit on the scale and have to be weighed individually don’t get wrong postage and get send back to us.

It all gets done without asking. We treat them like rockstars. Nobody else does. They remember us for that.

In a very busy world, when people you do business with remember you - that is Mission Accomplished.