A client of mine recently got private money in the seven figures. All in one week.

Pretty good huh?

So what is the secret to the one week-seven figure private money?

He worked on it for almost 8 months. Planted the seeds. Showed off his deals to his pool of prospective investors. Nothing happened for the first seven months. They all listened and watched. Then the stock market took a nose dive and the first thing that went in their heads was “Where can I put my money to use right now if I don’t want to be in the stock market right now?” – his name was on the top of their minds because of his effort. He got the calls and the money.

The microwave is a great invention but it does not work in business.

Sometimes there are no shortcuts.

Another way of looking at it is… eight months are going to go by anyway. Might as well plant some seeds today to harvest later.