How To Survive When The Sky Is Falling

1. Go out and meet some new people. This week. Not by email. Not by phone. Go and actually meet some new people. Every email that is coming to you from an interesting person. Call them and take them out for cup of coffee. You are buying.

2. Who is the top cat in your industry? In your backyard? Do you know their name? The #1 REO broker / FHA expert / Residential real estate agent / real estate investor in your county? Find their name out and call them up and take them to lunch. You are buying. Ask them how is business and what they are doing to make their business grow? Write it down. Do you think that they got to the top by doing things that everybody else is doing? Don’t think so. That is a good blueprint to start.

3. Go to - Some of the best minds in the world are writing and giving away wisdom in the form of blogs. No matter what you want to get better at – speaking, giving a better presentation, raising money, marketing, starting up a business, being a better parent – somebody is staying up late at night and writing about it. It is all here for you. Turn the fracking t.v. off. Kim Kardashian get kicked off from Dancing With The Stars last week. What is there to watch on T.V anyway?

4.Launch. Something. Anything. Right now positive energy that is about moving forward is not that common. If you have it, it will attract the best and brightest toward you. Domain names cost $5. Blogs cost zero. Websites cost $10 per month. Cell phones cost $40 per month. Incorporation cost $60. Do you know how much you needed thirty years ago to launch a business and reach the world? Try millions.

5. Want your website to rank #1 on first page of Yahoo and Google? Good news: most companies are cutting back on their marketing. This is the time for you to invest in getting that. Top rank in search engines, by the way is one of the best assets you can own. Some assets you own like a copy machine and a building requires you to write a check. Top rank in Google sends you money every day.

6. Don’t know how to do something or where to start? Just ask. Thousands of folks are on Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, MySpace, writing blogs on that topic – just ask (humbly) if you need to find direction and they will point you the way. I do, almost every day, with great humility. It pains me but it is the right thing to do, a profitable thing to do.

7. When was the last time you called and checked on the people you so passionately collected a business card from? Waiting for Christmas to come around so you can send them a red card? So boring. How about calling every one of them and just asking is there anything you can do for them? No business call. Just one human reaching out to another. If you are stressed out. So are they. Warmth on the phone goes a long way that is not wrapped in your selfishness goes a wrong way.

8. This is by Karen Lamb and taped on the side of my monitor. Worth reading several times every day.