Inman Stories - The future of sellingr real estate

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Inman Stories is a site you need to bookmark and come back every other month to see what is new.

A true glimpse of things to come in selling of real estate. If I was a Realtor I would start a saving’s account today and start saving to have my personal “infomercial” done 2 years from today. Right now it is only for high end houses but just wait...

But that is how virtual tours started too.

This is how the very successful Realtors and some start investors are going to make themselves “different” from the pack. Very interesting and worth spending some time on. I always disliked virtual tours – too grainy and never come out as good as they sound. But this is a different ball game altogether. Almost television quality video, very tastefully done.

The next generation of Internet is all video and this site truly gets it.

1 Comment

I think video is the future no matter what segment of the internet you're in.