Merry Christmas To Y'All!

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Christmase Eve and last minute shopping. I have no idea how every year I always end up in the same situation. Running into mall after mall with a horde of frantic shoppers trying to find the perfect gift for Nora.

Probably it would help if she kinda hinted what she wanted? Five years and still no clue!

This year I have my right hand Theresa Payne without whom I would lost in the wilderness and I have 1/3 of her gift but not the final thing.

Oh well, Hailey is pretty excited, this being her first Christmas where she can actually figure out what is happening around here. My sis-in-law Nada is coming over and we are going to attempt to make a very traditional Christmas dinner tonight.

Since I am married into a different culture (Watch the DVD of My Big Fat Greek Wedding if you want to know how my wedding was like!)Christmas in our household or atleast the dinner is from a different planet.

Hence the attempt to make the traditional turkey tonight.

But enjoy the day and tomorrow with your families. Afterall what is the biggest reward we can get in our lives but good days like these with the people we care about.

And if you live the Midwest where there is really cold outside, try to find some time in the next days and donate old clothes or if you can afford to buy somes gloves and sweaters and donate them to a homeless shelter.

Love ya all!

Mark Ijlal

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